I’m gay married.

I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided that  “Gay marriage” is a funny term.

I’m just married. Not “gay married”.

Because we are a same-sex couple, does  that make us any different than heterosexual married couples? Are they “straight married”?

What’s the difference?

Our wedding was very similar to heterosexual couples’ weddings:

We traveled to New York City and had a ceremony at the court house. We took wedding photos. We came back to our home in Oklahoma City and had a beautiful reception with 100 of our closest friends and family. We had a first dance…we tossed our bouquets… We ate cake.

We do all of the same things that other married couples do:

We go to work…we go grocery shopping…we pay bills…we have date nights…we have arguements…we hangout with our friends…we love each other. 

Our love is not less than anyone else’s love.

I dream of the day when the world recognizes our marriage for what it is:

Two human beings that fell in love. Two human beings that want to have a family. Two human beings that want to grow old together. Two human beings that aren’t so different from everyone else.